Case Study #1 – Improper Exhaust Modifications

Exhaust Problem

A builder used the mixer elbow that came with the propulsion engine and made an “adapter” to get the required height and geometry needed. The problem is that the mixer elbow was not designed for the installation angle. Furthermore, at the angle of installation, raw water would be held in the mixer after shutdown.

The upcoming failure would have raw water backing into the engine’s turbo.

Exhaust Solution

After a visit to the vessel by DeAngelo’s engineering department, and consultation with the new owner, it was decided that a new riser was to be designed and fabricated.

The new riser will have the mixer further aft and away from the engine so that it would drain any residual water after shutdown. The end result is a much-improved exhaust where the owner chose the Inconel mixer option.

One less worry for the owner as he ventures to long voyages.

Photos BEFORE DeAngelo Work – Click to Enlarge Images

Case Study #2 – Design Improvement to Existing Exhaust System

Exhaust Problem

A Lloyd’s class vessel has dry cowl style silencers that have developed leaks over the years.

The metal is too deteriorated to repair.

The only way of getting new ones into the engine room was to cut a hole on the side of the vessel. This is not an option.

At the same time, any work performed would require that the vessel stay to Lloyd’s class.

Exhaust Solution

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust will fabricate a new system and eliminate the dry silencer in the design. To keep the noise level low, a bypass stalk silencer will be used that would not require movement of existing machinery. The removal of the existing system required the muffler to be cut out in sections.

Once the removal was complete, the DeAngelo Engineering department was on board making preliminary measurements. Shortly after, the AutoCAD drawing of the system was given to the captain for his submission to Lloyd’s for approval. Upon completion of the fabricated components, the DeAngelo Service team proceeded with the installation.

The End Result: A new exhaust system that will maintain a lower engine room temperature, better air circulation, more open engine room, while at the same time reduce yard time and the need to cut into the hull.  All of this with a Lloyd’s class approval, on time and on budget.

Photos BEFORE DeAngelo Work – Click to Enlarge Images

What Our Customers are Saying

Jorge and the DeAngelo team upgraded our exhaust system, and the result is much better than the original. We particularly appreciated the choice of Inconel metal

Our company’s experience with DeAngelo Marine Exhaust was superb in all respects, especially quality of finished product.

I would like to thank you for doing a great job on the new wet injection exhaust elbows for the San Juan 48 “Seawalker”.

… I have had the opportunity to work with Freddy on more than one occasion and, whatever the duration of the job, Freddy has displayed his technical knowledge in a very helpful, personable and straight forward way …

I know of numerous prestigious builders that use their systems and they are the only company I recommend to clients and yacht manufacturers.