State-of-the-Art Marine Exhaust Systems & Service

DeAngelo Marine 30th Anniversary Shipbuilding Experience – DeAngelo Marine has just celebrated its 30th year of exhaust system design, engineering and fabrication inclusive of commercial & long-term contract fulfillment experience.

  • Shipbuilding: From Specifications & Drawings to Launch & Trials
  • Existing Vessels:  Coordinated Repowers, Overhauls & Refits
  • Engineering Tolerance: Commercial & Military Specification Standards

  • Classification Achievement: We Can Meet Commercial Agency Structure & Equipment Specifications

  • Generator Systems: New designs and re-designs of existing systems

  • Soot Filtration Systems: SeaClean & Generator Re-Generation

  • All Exhaust System Types: Underwater, Dry Stack, Water Injection

  • All Vessel Types:  Fast Response Cutter (FRC), Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV), Ferry, Cargo, Intervention, Tug, and Specialty Marine Applications

  • Worldwide:  Sales, Service & Support

6 Sigma Six-Sigma : DeAngelo Marine embraces the advantages of Six Sigma quality principles to ensure that it engineers and manufactures the best overall quality product to its customers.

Marine Exhaust Solutions

  • Location & Logistics:

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A. Proximity to world’s premier yachting & commercial marine centers.

  • Facilities:

    Over 30,000 square feet of contiguous facilities for manufacturing & fabrication, design & engineering, parts & fulfilment logistics & sales & administration.

  • Primary Exhaust Metals:

    Stainless steel alloys like 316L, 321 & AL6XN metals. The high nickel and molybdenum contents of the AL6XN alloy give it good resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking.

  • Skilled TIG Welding:

    Aircraft quality welds are made by hand by our skilled & American Welding Society-certified fabricators, proficient in TIG welding and 316L & Iconel metals.

  • Tag Numbers:

    All components tag numbered for traceability & product records.

  • Weld Protection:

    Weld areas are protected & imporved upon by utilizing the inert gas, Argon. DeAngelo maintains a 1625-gallon Argon tank on site.

  • Service:

    DeAngelo has four (4) full time service teams ready to handle all of your exhaust needs.

As a result of the determination and hands-on efforts of CEO & Principal of Robert Montes, and the extended family of employees, the company is servicing customers worldwide in all areas of the marine exhaust industry. As DeAngelo Marine embraces the philosophy of “New Days, New Ways”, the company continues to expand its business throughout the continental United States and Worldwide.

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Provides Customers With Quality Products & Services – Worldwide