Greetings from Pier 66. We returned to home base yesterday after completing our shipyard period in Savannah earlier this week. With that now behind me, it’s time to take a moment to thank those who were very helpful to us during this 15 yr Lloyds Special Survey.

Without question, DeAngelo Marine Exhaust warrants a big THANK YOU ! Your kind willingness to assist with our spray ring repairs led to Miguel Soto and the team in Ft. Lauderdale providing the Nickel Alloy plates, cut to size along with the appropriate welding rod. Materials were prepared the next day and sent UPS, arriving at the shipyard in Savannah (3) days after I called you!

It bares repeating that I am extremely grateful to you, Miguel and the team at DME for your amazing support!

After the original DeAngelo exhaust system on our main engines was replaced by the shipyard prior to delivery of the vessel, I knew we were in for a hard time.

Sure enough, for the whole trip from the Far East across the Pacific to San Diego we had nothing but trouble, 15000 miles of leaks, high back pressure, cracked mufflers, malfunctioning bypass valves not to mention a black engine room.

Designing a system to simply slot into the existing space without modification is a very tall order, especially when you’re a couple of thousand miles away but DeAngelo managed to do this with ease and at a surprisingly good price!  The new system has been in and running without fault for another 5000 miles and performs like a quality exhaust system should. The engine room looks great with the stylish modern system and we are well within the engine manufacturers parameters, which even the shipyard couldn’t achieve.

Thanks very much to the team; it’s great to know there are professionals out there!

Having been in the boating industry for over 25 years, with 8 years as a licensed captain and the last 13 years as a licensed Chief Engineer, I have gathered the knowledge to recognize good service and technical ability, and Freddy Quintero employs both at the highest level. I have had the opportunity to work with Freddy on more than one occasion and, whatever the duration of the job, Freddy has displayed his technical knowledge in a very helpful, personable and straight forward way that will keep your customers happy and coming back. Additionally, during a recent exhaust overhaul, I experienced the customer service skills any boat / business owner can appreciate and will remember far into the future. Freddy was not only very patient over the phone, but he also followed up with regular status reports and had a genuine sense of care and involvement that is very rare in a “hard knocks” business that we are concerned with and I respect him for that. In closing, I don’t know what Freddy’s record is at DeAngelo Exhaust, i.e. whether he has saved monies or made outstanding sales, but I can only imagine it is outstanding. He gives me a great impression of your company’s integrity.

De Angelo were consulted about a change in design which would reduce back pressure and eliminate the possibility of static water in the exhaust pipe flowing back towards the spray-ring. Straight away it was clear that we were both reading from the same page and a new design was drawn up, parts made, and at the following opportunity, fitted in about an hour. Job done!

This is what I like to see from an engineering firm that specializes in this line of business.

A reputable marine exhaust company had installed all of the previous exhausts and all three had leaked and had problems from the very start.

I spoke with Miguel from DeAngelo and was given a quote that was $10000.00 cheaper and took up less space in the engine room. I had 3 weeks before the boat was scheduled to be in the Lauderdale boat show, but was told that it was enough time.

This letter is to thank the guys from DeAngelo for doing an outstanding job.

The fitting and installation was done quickly and professionally. There was a lot of other work being done while the exhaust was being installed but the guys were easygoing and very tidy, as well as finishing the job UNDER THE QUOTED PRICE! We didn’t really have time to sea-trial the new system before running down to the Caribbean. However, after 2500 miles the system shows no sign of leaking and has even improved the performance of the vessel.

The new system looks pretty sleek and the boss has commented on how much better the engine room looks without the massive mufflers and faded exhaust blankets.

Your newly manufactured parts fit perfectly!!! You were on schedule (in fact 24 hours early) the final pricing was exactly as estimated. What more could I ask for – “On Time” – “On Budget”“Prefect Quality” Please thank your team for doing a GREAT job.

It makes my job so easy with the fabulous support you gave us. In the end the client wins!

Jorge and the DeAngelo team upgraded our exhaust system, and the result is much better than the original. We particularly appreciated the choice of Inconel metal for our exhaust mixer, which will greatly extend the unit’s life.

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust is well known for being the premier name in the marine exhaust business whether for design, installations, or repairs.

I know of numerous prestigious builders that use their systems and they are the only company I recommend to clients and yacht manufacturers. I have never heard a complaint about their systems nor service and I have personally found their immediate attention and response to be outstanding. And to top it off, their pricing is most reasonable. I give a full unquestionable recommendation for DeAngelo Marine Exhaust.