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As DeAngelo Marine takes pride in the quality of the exhaust systems and components we engineer, fabricate and install. We are equally skilled and confident in our expertise in analyzing and reporting upon existing exhaust systems.

Marine Surveys : Yachts, Boats & Ships

The consequence of an exhaust failure can be catastrophic. As marine engine systems have become more complex over the years and system tolerances having less margins for fault, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of your mission-critical systems.

As you may have main engine and machinery surveys, general system’s surveys, hull surveys and of course, sea trials, the marine exhaust systems are often overlooked.

Marine exhausts are one of the most important systems related to a vessel’s overall intergity and the vessel’s performance.

Yacht Brokers – Yacht Surveys

You are about to close the deal you have been working on for months. Upon reviewing the yacht’s survey report, you see there is an exhaust related issue. Is it a simple repair or a deal breaker?

Contact the Marine Engine Exhaust Experts

We can usually be there the same day to evaluate the situation. If needed, we can issue you a written finding of what the problem may be and an estimate of the work involved. Best of all general exhaust inspections are at no cost to you as the broker.

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