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Marine Generator Exhaust Systems & Marine Mufflers

Noise, vibration and discharge are among the top complaints regarding marine diesel generators.  Whether the vessel is large, small, recreational, commercial or military, these issues can impact general use, suitability and maintainability.

Every diesel generator produces heat, noise, vibration and a soot and contaminate discharge. The amount of impact is dependent on the make, model and care of each generating plant.  But contributing to a reduction of these factors is the exhaust and muffler system.

DeAngelo Marine 30th Anniversary At DeAngelo Marine we have over 30 years of working with diesel generator exhaust / mufflers and the knowledge, experience and skills to maximize at its fullest potential, the reduction of these persistent issues.

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust of Fort Lauderdale – Quality Stainless & Aluminum Metal Fabrication

Generator Exhaust Systems - Power Management

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New Generator Exhaust Systems & Exhaust System Repairs

  • Reduced Noise: Internal noise & external impact at dock or mooring.

  • Reduced Vibration: Minimize persistent vibration which reverberates throughout vessel.

  • Reduce Discharge & Contamination: Reduce air & water soot & residue. Cleaner surrounding area & less maintenance. Meet the latest marina and mooring regulations, especially the Mediterranean.

  • Increase Efficiency: Longer life, better performance, and better output.

  • Rules & Regulations Compliance: Meet the latest rules & regulations regarding generator operations in marinas and moorings.
  • Classification Achievement: ABS, LLoyds, RINA, ABYC, DNV, and other agencies.

  • All Vessels: Power & Sail – Military & Commercial – Specialty Marine Applications.

SeaClean Generator Soot Filtration