To All

On the late afternoon of May 25th 2018, DeAngelo Marine received a phone call and email from Seaboard Marine of Oxnard, California informing us that content within the Updates & Tech portion (aka Blog) of the web site was similar to the content on their site –

DeAngelo Marine immediately contacted the web services company engaged in created and managing the DeAngelo Marine web site, and instructed the company to remove the page(s) identified.

Action in removing the content was taken and completed as soon as notification and request was received from Seaboard.

DeAngelo Marine acted with expediency in addressing the request.

DeAngelo Marine does not knowingly use, share, copy, distribute or plagiarize material of any kind whatsoever to material(s) it does not have the rights to use.

However, DeAngelo Marine does apologize to Seaboard Marine for the use of material – a single document of 4 web pages in length. DeAngelo has acted with expediency to remove content and cooperates fully with Seaboard Marine with respect to this matter.

We thank Seaboard Marine for calling this matter to our attention and look forward to continuing a positive relationship with Seaboard and industry associates.

DeAngelo Marine