In this episode, we are joined by Justin Montes, CEO of DeAngelo Marine Exhaust

Tech n’ Check – Podcast Hosted by Advanced Mechanical Enterprise

Find out how a welder in aviation made his way into the Marine Industry and built a significant exhaust company in the world’s yachting capital. We also touch on new IMO regulations, patent-pending products, and more!

We’re excited to bring you Tech n’ Check – A brand new podcast where Rich Merhige and Tony Planamento, CRL, dive into all levels of machinery maintenance – back to basics up to your more complex diagnostics.

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust, Inc. has been a leader in exhaust design, fabrication, service, and installation worldwide for over 35 years. With a vertically integrated production facility, highly skilled technical labor force and a strong sales network embedded in the “yachting capital of the world”, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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