DeAngelo Marine Exhaust was a sponsor for the fall 2016 International Yacht Brokers Association seminar; “Get the Air Out Marine Exhaust Systems”.

Jorge Lang speaks about the Basics of Exhaust Systems.

Importance of Exhaust

  • The Engines Ability to Exhale
  • Properties of a Good Functioning System
    • Backpressure within Engines Specifications
    • Exhaust Temperature is Within Range
    • Sized Property
    • Looks Good

Exhaust System Options

  • Finish
    • Matte
    • Powdercoat
    • Mirror Polish Finish
  • Insulation
    • Blankets
    • Hardcoat
  • Material Options
    • 316L Stainless
    • Inconel or Equivalent

Types of Exhaust

  • Dry Stack
    • Large Yachts & Trawlers
    • Seen on Most Commercial Vessels
  • Transom Outlet
    • Most Vessels Have Transom Exhaust
    • Almost All Sportfish
  • Underwater Exhaust
    • Most Larger Yachts

What To Look For in a Brokerage Boat

  • Soot in the Engine Room
  • Exhaust Sound Levels
  • Hose Connections & Signs of Leaks
  • Insulation Exposed Metal on Hot Portion

Importance to a Brokerage Boat

  • Exhaust Issues Will Come Up On Surveys

Design Criteria on New Builds

  • Space Constraint
  • Engine Requirements
  • Attenuation

Components of an Exhaust System

  • Flange Connection
  • Routing of the Exhaust
  • Mixer Tank

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