Dry Systems

A diesel exhaust system utilizing lagging (hard coating) or blankets  to keep the heat in the tunes in which the exhaust travels.  Water is sprayed in the exhaust gases at the mixer to cool the gasses.


  • Less risk of water intrusion into the engine
  • Metalwork lasts longer as water is not retained  in the system


  • Takes up more space
  • Higher surface temperature


Underwater Exhaust Systems

Exhaust system exits below the waterline. No main muffler is typically required, but does require an above water by-pass muffler. The system can be wet or dry. The exhaust exists through the stalk (the hole in the bottom of the vessel).

DeAngelo builds to the point of the stalk. Ship builder and/or the naval architect define the stalk location and hull penetration.


  • Quieter
  • Smoke (soot) from exhaust passes through the water and is reduced
  • No main muffler is required
  • No exhaust fumes in boat


  • By pass requires additional hull penetration

Dry Stack Systems

A diesel exhaust system usually integrated in a tunnel in which the exhaust exits topside. Typically the design of choice for turbines. Normally found only in large yachts or commercial vessels.

Wet (Watercooled) Systems

Double tube system inwhich the inner tube carries the exhaust gases and the space between the inner and outer tube carries the water for cooling purposes. Water is sprayed into the exhaust gases at the mixer to cool the gases.


  • Cooler surface temperature
  • Less space required
  • Can be polished for asthetic purposes


  • More susceptible to corrosion due to holding water

Water Separation Systems

An exhaust system inwhich the water and cooled gas from the mixer are separated so they can be plumbed separately through the fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) tubing to exit the vessel.

A water separation system normally exhausts through the hull.

The same type system exhausting through stacks is called a cool stack system.

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